The kids have grown older and life’s storms have been weathered. The time to play has come. We at Yusha are not neccesarily keen on the current pace. We feel no need to offer fast fashion nor do we believe in following the latest trends. We believe in creating magic. We create to communicate. Expression to create a sassy buzz. Design to feel confident, spirited, and lively. We are driven by a deep passion for art, shapes, colours, cultural heritage, never losing sight of esthetics. It’s time to create exactly that what we feel has been missing

Our mission:
We translate cultural heritage into contemporary and wearable art.

We have a clear vision: We follow the heart over the mind and we choose quality over quantity. Authenticity is crucial

To those to whom Yusha’s language resonates: make sure to accept our invitation to this play. We are following our dreams for you to dream along.